Planning Team Building Activities

Effective team building activities facilitate in ensuring the team works effectively together. The activities equip each individual with teaming concepts that will greatly assist them in the everyday work processes. For the activity to be successful, there are a few planning tips that can be very instrumental.

Planning Tips

  • Purpose of Team building activities

It is important to determine the purpose of the team building activities. Once the purpose has been defined, it will be easy to identify whether it should be part of a meeting or should be carried out as a separate event. It is important to identify if the event will be used to introduce a new point, improve the existing relationships between core workers or even teach a new technique. All this can be carried out in a meeting if there is a safe environment and adequate time, however creating an event is desirable to ensure the learning process does not interfere with work.

  • Get the appropriate location

If an event is to be created for the team building a proper location should be identified that will meet the needs of the activities. In this regard, it is important to decide the activities of the day as it will help to determine the desired location. While selecting the activities for the event, it is important to take into consideration the physical limitations of the team members. It is to ensure every team member takes part in the activities.

  • Decide on an appropriate facilitator

Before the date of the event, identify an appropriate facilitator for the activities. It is also important to ensure the facilitator arrives much earlier; this is to make sure the program runs smoothly. There is nothing more embarrassing than having the facilitator coming late. In addition, you could also invite participants and ensure you have the needed supplies for the day. A way to keep the team members surprised is sharing the agenda of the event at the beginning of the day instead of informing them in advance.

Team building activities

  • Navigation

The activity will need the group to be split into teams; it can be in two or three teams depending on the number of participants that are present. Once the group is divided into teams, they should each navigate through an obstacle while they are blindfolded. The activity helps employees to trust each other; in turn, it improves their communication skills.

  • Trivia Questions

The teams can also be asked trivia questions. The questions can be based on general topics such as music, history, movies, etc. The activity will help the employees build good team coordination and interact with each other.

  • Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is among the common team building activities used. The teams will visit various locations on the clues that they each stumble on. The members will need to work together and decipher clues. The activity teaches the employees to be competitive and tackle challenges together.

It is important to ensure the team building activities selected for the day are enjoyable for everyone. As this will have a positive influence attained on each of the participants.